torstai 10. helmikuuta 2011

Day eleven: susceptible saxomaphones

So, I woke up this morning to the sound of the cleaning dude's vacuum cleaner, but just for a second and slept a couple more hours to wake up again when Juffi was calling me. At that point it was already two o' clock so it was about time someone woke my sleepy ass up. Ben made me some coffee and I started to slowly rise from my "bed" and tried to shake off that zombie-like feeling I have every "morning". Yeah, I like to sleep, and I need at least 10 hours of sleep every night to get those vocals flowing.

Well, that's the thing... Watching animal documents and Pitkä Kuuma Kesä after recordings with Ben last night and listening to Masi and Pexi doing G-tarz and bass stuff on the other side of the wall till almost 6am wasn't exactly putting me to sleep like a baby early, so I just tried to get some sleep and watched Super Bowl and some Zen Of Screaming. I finally fell asleep at some point around six but due to the lack of vocal rest and long singing days before, today wasn't the best day for those high pitched rock and roll angel-like vocals so we did one funk/rock song almost all the way with some nice crunch in the voice and two nice cultivated softer songs with judicious soft vocals. Oh, it was susceptible!

Earlier Masi was nailing some geetar stuff like the pro he is, and today it was pretty much Ben's day off, at least he didn't record anything, but was in the role of "Ryppy Rubiini" (producer Rick Rubin's long-lost Finnish cousin) and had the demos always ready to show how "everything is always better on the original demo" :) After we nailed those smooth and elegant, not to forget tasteful, vocals it was time to eat some chicken done by our head-chef Pexi. The Pexmeister then pulled out his Mississippi Saxomaphones and Masi went into the vocal booth and started blowing... All I can say about that is that I laughed with tears in my eyes. A shotgun sample was the icing to the cake!

Now it's time for me to start chillin' and prepare for some screaming stuff next week by watching some more Zen Of Screaming and Pexi will continue laying those sexy lower frequency's down. Everything seems to be going smoothly and much faster than I ever dared to even dream, so I hope we can keep up this kind of pace and get some nice cultured tunes done like this, most of the stuff have been keepers in less than 10 takes! That means it's rock and roll and, once again, VERY elegant ;)

Oh yeah, and my set of equipment (if everybody else lists them, I will too):

Set of Plica Vocalis
Coca Cola Light
Ginger Tea
Tons of Nescafé Gold

Smell ya laterz peeps!


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  1. sounds like fun. but have to admit that i'm just a bit jealouse coz you have a cleaning dude and Ben who makes coffee!