keskiviikko 2. helmikuuta 2011

Day three: Tone Chasing

So, Juffi left me here all by myself yesterday night, which gave me a great opportunity to restring (most of) the guitars and feel sorry for myself. So I popped Independence Day in the DVD player, got the peg winder and string packs out and went to work. After five guitars I was tired of both stretching new strings and Will Smith throwing funny one-liners at aliens. Polished off my can of Pringles and decided to call it a day, as I knew I had a long day of sound-searching ahead of me...

Today was spent entirely on the guitar sound. Me and Janne tried every possible combination of amps and cabinets before deciding on which two to go with. It looks like the main rhythm sound of the album will consist from mixing the two following signal paths:

1) guitar -> Boss SD-1 overdrive -> Marshall 1959RR -> Marshall 30th Anniversay cab
2) guitar -> a modified Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer -> Mesa/Boogie Mk III -> Marshall JCM800 cab

We also tried out Masi's Carvin Legacy head, my Marshall JCM800 2205 head, a Mosvalve Dirty Boy head and the Perfect Connection GP-1000 preamp with my VHT 2/50/2 power amp, but the aforementioned two sounded the best. We'll probably use the Dirty Boy for some stuff later on, and the GP-1000 will for sure be used once we get to recording leads.

So basically I've been playing the same riff for about 8 hours today, listening to different amps. Not the most fun a guy can have, but hey, it's gotta be done! The tones we ended up with sound big and rockin', so it's about time to start recording geetars!

Juffi will be back here in about two hours, and we'll try to get at least one song completely done tonight, with Julf acting as the engineering producer.  Ok, less talk, more rock! Talk to you tomorrow!


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