perjantai 4. helmikuuta 2011

Day five: shark 1, seal 0

I opened my eyes at 9 am just enought to see Janne arriving and Ben getting up. I was happy to turn over and continue sleeping. Next time I woke up at 1 pm when the guys came to the "lounge" for their first break from recording. It was time for me to get up as well.

We were watching this cool nature-document today. It was on ocean-themed episode and had alot of penguins and seals on it. The occasional white shark popped in as well, doing an impressive jump up wrom the water and snatching a poor seal between it's massive jaws on the go. Now, how in the name of Jesus Christ do you get enough momentum to get your 900-pound ass up about three meters above the water? Apparently the force of the impact is enough to kill the seal even before the shark's jaws crush the mofo. We were also wondering the thoughts that go through the seal's mind in the second or two when it realizes that there's no way to avoid getting eaten by a huge-ass shark. Must be something along the lines of "f*ck my life".

So yeah, Janne left and we're gonna continue recording some guitars with Ben. It's gonna be awesome.


Another day at the office for me: went through last nights recordings with Janne, who luckily approved most of what this dynamic duo had gotten done by themselves. And then more of ther same: tracking a whole bunch of ryhyhm guitar throughout the day. Set up both Marshall heads and grabbed the Les Paul for a nice, fat little tune that went by the name "rock song" for a long while. No click tracks, no bells and whistles, just straight-up southern boogie. A track titled "Partysong160bpm" (well, for now anyway) ended up being anything but, as the supposedly easy pop song took forever to get down properly. A very special "fuck you!" to Masi for providing these tricky riffs for my discomfort...

Yesterday I learned that it takes an episode of the BBC "Planet Earth" document series for me to actually get my thoughts off this project for even just 40 minutes. I swear to god, last night, watching all those bugs and freaky-looking birds in the jungle was the first time for the past week I've actually gotten a little break from the album, so I'm gonna make sure I get at least one episode squeezed into each day. I got Juffi hooked on the stuff too, as you probably noticed from his update above.

Aaight, enough with the pinguins, it's time to get back to work!


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