tiistai 8. helmikuuta 2011

Day nine: men at work

What a productive day! We're doing mostly "night shifts" with Janne this week, as it's much better to record vocals during evenings and nights instead of mornings/days. Me and Pexi got up before 11am and continued with melodies and solos. We got some tasty licks on tape, with Pexi encouraging me to put away the girly Ibanez and play the Les Paul for every part.

Janne showed up after 2pm, and it was time for him and Pexi to hook up the bass equipment and dial in the ultimate tones to make this album go boom. The guys were fast: about two hours later I check on them and not only is the sound set and banging, Pexi has already laid down one complete song! Now this what I like to see!

But the idea was to dedicate the lion's share of these days for the vocals. Ari got into the vocal booth and went to work. The goal was to get two complete songs done: we got three and a half. Great success! The boy was sounding good and was on a roll, so who am I or Janne to hold him back? The smooth singing session was interrupted only for late supper: Pekka "the chef" Johansson had cooked us a delicious meal, which me were very grateful for. Quick grub and back to work. The songs Ari finished were described by Janne as "fusion punk", "adult oriented doom", as well as "a hit that's arrangement Per Gessle would not approve".

Around 10pm it was time for Janne to go home. Pexi "working hard is my middle name" Johansson decided to stay in the control room and record bass on his own. who knows how long he's gonna be there. My guess is I'm gonna fall asleep tonight listening to low frequencies through the wall...   


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