keskiviikko 9. helmikuuta 2011

Day ten: there's a new sheriff in town

...and finally my first day inside the beard farm formerly known as Sound Supreme. 
Well you know, my incoming was delayed for a good reason. Miami, Mexico and 70000 Tons of Metal had to be done by someone in our (facial) hairy organization. After the sunshine and good vibes of the Caribbean came the inevitable cold hearted embrace of our wintery northern home country and and the equally inevitable "fuck your system up and drive you in to bed for two days" flu. Fucknuts!

Somehow I feel like I missed some magic studio moments, but coming in at day ten is really not all bad. First of all I get to be blown away by the stuff that these crazy hermit Gandalfs in the making have been laying down on the proverbial tape. (Though everyone knows it's all digital and bytes these days, we musician types still like the warm emotive qualities that come from saying we're laying shit down on tape.) There is some really killer stuff coming towards your home speakers, brothers and sisters! In fact the snare sound alone is so good, that if it was any thicker you would have to listen to it by digging it out of your speakers with a spoon and ingesting it orally! And believe me Julf man deserves any form of oral gratification you may desire to give him for his work on this one! 
And if your dirty minds are gearing towards some twisted sexual imagery here, for shame! I merely meant you should go up to him and say in your best proper queen's english: "Smashing job, dear Sir. Simply smashing!"

The seccond good thing about coming in on day ten is that I walked in as brother Ben was laying down one of those killer solos of his! Usually you have to wait for ages to hear slippery licks in the studio, but I got to witness some licking action straight off the train! (More cheap sexual innuendos, coming your way, but hey if we can't be free, lets at least be cheap!)
Third, there's already some vocals on the tunes, so it's way cooler to listen to the songs as they're taking form. Somehow vocals really make the songs more like songs, don't you agree?
In fact the lads are recording some vocals right now as I am writing this!

Pexi and I are in the lounge watching the Mötleys on DVD and getting ready for some late night bass action again. I'll be there egging him on to some stellar bottom heavy performances of brutal sensitivity. You better believe that some serious shit is really gonna go down tonight!

Oh, looks like the guys just came out of the control room. They must have done made some rock 'n' roll history. Ben in taking some photos of my Washburn N4's, Ari is acting as visual producer. It's all too much! Looks like it's next batter up, so Pex-head and Mas Papas will put our heads on the chopping block.  


The graveyard shift reports: I managed to record basslines for four songs on my own last night and I guess the same thing is gonna happen today (we'll see what Janne thinks of my production). Rough job; takes a lot of patience and shitloads of beer, but after all everything went on tape quite smoothly. Oh yeah, the gear I'm using on this recordings:
Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass
Jackson CMG-bass
Epiphone Nikki Sixx signature-Blackbird
Marshall JCM 800-basshead with 4x10” and 1x15” cabinets.

- Pexi, The Lord of the Low (frequencies)

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