tiistai 1. helmikuuta 2011

Day two: the drummer & the damage done

All drum-tracks recorded, wohoo!!! We started at 9 am, and at 4 pm all the drums were done. So I nailed 7 tracks today (we have 14, but there's one that doesn't have drums in it so I had 13 to record). Feels good! We did two songs Bonzo-style without a click-track, so there's some good old jamming vibes going on. Nonetheless, my favourite one to record was a poppy-ish song that has a lot going on drumming-wise. Damn, this day was full of some genuine classic rock let me tell you!

And yeah I forgot to tell you guys about my studio beard yesterday. I took a headstart a couple of weeks ago and stopped shaving my chin, and still it isn't anything to boast about. But hey, it's the closest thing to a beard that I've ever had!

So, I'm leaving to Helsinki for a day now and Ben will start working on the guitar sound tomorrow. I'll be back tomorrow evening so that we can maybe record some guitar-stuff without Janne. Let's see if things continue to go smoothly this week, hope so!


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