perjantai 18. helmikuuta 2011

Day nineteen: Arnie & Bert signing off

And so we have reached our very last day of recording. Not that all that much recording took place today: I did some last-minute feedback-wailing (not much fun standing in front of two 4x12 cabinets with two 100W tube amps screaming at full volume only 30 minutes after you've woken up), Janne played three chords on the keyboard and I played one single D5 chord for a riff I had misharmonized weeks ago. Other than that it was just double and triple checking that everything we need is actually recorded. Seems like it! Just a few lines for Ari to redo and the album is wrapped!

Ari "I've turned my sleeping rhythm around" Koivunen was still asleep when Janne left for the weekend, at around 5pm. He ended up coming to life around 7.30pm, but didn't actually get up and put some pants around them sexy pale legs before just now, quarter to midnight. I gotta say, even I am impressed!

I packed the guitars away with mixed feelings: ending a project is always bittersweet, but I must admit that I've really felt the long days of the past three weeks for some time now, and am ready to move on. I've heard every single riff, drumfill, and vocal line so many times that A few days of silence could do me good. But at the same time I'm excited to hear these songs properly mixed by Janne, and hopefully we'll start getting songs emailed from him next week. The bottom line is: to me, we've never sounded better. Everyone played great, the material feels strong and Janne really helped us get killer tones down. You guys will dig this stuff for sure!

After Janne is done mixing these 14 songs (of which we still don't know exactly which or how many will end up on the album itself), we'll have some test masters done to see what kind of sound works best for this material. I'm guessing that by April the album is mastered into it's final form.

Ok, time to go do the final vocal thingies and pack the rest of the gear. We'll keep you updated on news about the release through our website/Twitter/FB/whatever happens to be the medium of the day at that point. Thanks for following, and stay tuned for this metallic classic rock masterpiece that is the Amoral album number five!


PS: One thing you dear readers need to know is that it's been a real challenge coming up with fresh things to say and new things to photograph when you spend 19 days it the same two rooms, doing the exact same thing day after day with the same people. So to celebrate the end of this session, here's a pic of Ernie and Bert for you to enjoy!

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