perjantai 28. tammikuuta 2011

Here we go again...

Two more days until it's time to once again pack all our (plus loaner!) gear into the van and head towards Hämeenlinna, to record the 5th Amoral album. I love the whole process of album making. From strumming a guitar by myself at home, coming up with riffs and melodies, to showing them to Juffi and trying out some drum beats together, to writing the lyrics, to getting to hear them sung by Ari for the first time, to playing the new songs together with the whole band, to fine-tuning the songs with little cool ideas and arrangemets, to setting up camp at the studio for a month, trying out different sounds, listening to different takes, trying out different guitars, listening to Producer Saksa's brilliant ideas for the songs, getting it all on tape, getting rough mixes into the mail box one by one, working on the artwork, listening to the final master and finally getting a copy of the pressed album into your hands. We're talking of a time period of about two years here, from first riffs to final product. And it's all good!

The plan is to get to Sound Supreme Studios, Hämeenlinna (about an hours drive outside of Helsinki) sunday night, so me and Juffi can set up everything for monday morning. First week will be mostly dedicated to drums, though I highly doubt that Starvin Marvin will need more than three days to track the 14 songs we're gonna record. I will be staying at the studio for pretty much the whole month, while the other guys will pop in for different time periods.

We'll try to give you guys a daily update on how things are going, spiced with pictures of guitar porn and studio beards. We're getting these sessions on videotape also, but there is no way we'll have time to edit proper video clips during the recordings, so that'll have to wait until after the studio. But these videos will nicely fill the gap between the recording and the release of the album, so that works too.

Welcome aboard!


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